Specialty Fabrication

We deliver high-quality fabricated pipe and fittings for industrial customers.

Wolseley Industrial Group expertly serves customers across the industrial market through our fabrication capabilities. Our strategically-located fabrication facilities combined with our distribution network allows us to deliver customized fabricated HDPE, and PTFE Lined products with exceptional speed and reliability.

A key advantage of partnering with us for fabrication services is our in-depth knowledge of industrial PVF products and end user applications. This knowledge allows our associates to serve as an extension of your organization by proactively working to find the right solutions for your needs. You can trust us to provide you with custom fabricated products to help your facility avoid downtimes and operate safely. Our quality assurance program offers peace of mind that the fabricated products will adhere to industry standards and meet your specifications.

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Pipe Lining Fabrication

We’re your complete source for chemical resistant lined pipe and valves. Explore our Lined Products and Fabrication capabilities.

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HDPE Fabrication & Fusion Services

We offer custom fabrication of HDPE pipe and fittings for various industrial and marine applications.

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Sanitary Fabrication

Our expertly trained technicians and integrated service providers are here to assist in all facets of industrial sanitary fabrication solutions. We adhere to the strict sanitary regulations to meet every project’s requirements.

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Gasket Fabrication

Segmented and Unsegmented fabricated gaskets to meet your facility’s requirements.

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Industrial Products

We offer industrial products from leading vendors and are dedicated to meeting customer requirements while minimizing risks and costly delays. Our customers trust us because of the peace of mind we provide through our strict safety standards.

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